The First Shipment of Sovereign Straps

After several months of research, planning, strap design, packaging and labeling trials, communication challenges with various suppliers, the creation of countless spreadsheets weighing options, ordering and testing of various samples, and working through shipping and import hurdles, the first shipment of the first product line for Sovereign Straps has arrived!

Next we need to sort through a GS1 UPC issue that is preventing the creation of the Amazon listing, then they will be shipped to the warehouses while product pictures and sales pages are created.

It won’t be long now…these should be ready for the holiday season.

Stay tuned for more updates on each model.

The Vanguard First Shipment 2The Vanguard First Shipment

The Vanguard Features

The Vanguard Strap design is now complete, samples have been received, and the first production order has been placed.  The order should arrive in about a month.  As we prepare for the launch we will be providing updates with increased frequency.

Today lets talk about the product tag.  The tag is interesting because it is the elevator speech for the product.  It attempts to tell the potential customer why this particular item is better than the item next to it on the store shelf.  Creating the tag is oddly satisfying after spending months designing a product because you are gathering up the good about the product and trying to make it impossible to miss by the customer.  It is remarkably similar to creating a dating profile!

So what makes the Vanguard Strap better than the 1000+ other options?

  • It has genuine cow hide leather ends which is honestly rare on Amazon.  The market is flooded with straps that advertise “Leather” ends, however, these are PU or Micro leather which are actually synthetic.  Honestly, that type of listing is dishonest.  Buyer beware!
  • The front strap end has a slot in the leather to allow you to temporarily store picks in the strap end for easy access while playing.
  • The strap has an extra wide cotton backing material.  It is 2 1/4″ which is wider than all the woven straps of this type that I’ve seen.  Wider straps are more comfortable.  Also, the cotton type chosen is soft like your favorite used T-Shirt.  It is very flexible and this gives it a broke-in feel right out of the packaging.  It conforms to your body which reduces pressure points to make it more comfortable.
  • The Vanguard also uses premium Tri-Glide steel buckles.  These buckles are much easier to adjust than the other straps we have tested.  You just pull on the buckle and they adjust with no fuss.  They are also Galvanic Coated which is very tough.  The coating prevents corrosion and gives the buckle a chrome appearance.
  • The strap is a bit longer than most straps.  Longer straps cost companies more to make, however, a longer strap also fits more customers.  This strap will fit 99% of players.  Unless you can reach a basketball hoop without jumping, or walk under a kitchen table without bumping your head, it should fit.

The Vanguard Strap End development

Progress continues on development of The Vanguard Strap!  Over the last week we have been fine tuning the design and manufacturing process for the genuine cow hide leather ends.

On the back end of the strap, the leather will be folded through the buckle and sewn all the way around the edges and the slot.  For the front end, two pieces of leather will be sewn together by going all the way around the edges and around the slot as well.  The strap itself will be sandwiched in the middle.

I personally like the look of the additional stitching and the security of the two ply strap end design.  What do you think?


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